Oman – The Jewel of Arabia

Business travel
Location: Salalah, Oman
Number of persons: 47
Year: May 2023

We visited the jewel of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman, in the beginning of May. An authentic state that still maintains its purity compared to the surrounding Emirates. We spent a few days with our clients in Oman’s second largest city, Salalah, which is considered the center of the frankincense trade.

The whole stay was more in a relaxing spirit. The clients were there to mainly soak up the sun, strengthen relationships with colleagues and discuss their company achievements of the last year in an unofficial environment.

The group stayed at the luxurious Anantara Al Baleed resort, which offers first-class service and is located on a stunning sandy beach several kilometres long. Since we were able to secure private villas with private pools for all participants, only few wanted to leave the comfort of the hotel. Even so, several people set out to explore Oman.

A memorable trip for many people was a boat trip where we watched dolphins at close distance. Some set out to discover the beauty of the Dhofar Governorate, which offers fascinating views of the coastal scenery. The 800-metre high Shaat cliff provided us with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding mountains, where we had the opportunity to observe herds of camels. Participants also visited the city of Salalah itself, where the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the Frankincense Market and the plantations of coconut palms and banana trees are located.

The incentive ended with a gala dinner at an Asian restaurant, which was truly a gastronomic experience.

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