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Location: Amsterdam
Number of persons: 45
Year: September 2022

Amsterdam offers plenty of experiences and extraordinary adventures. That’s why we took a group of 45 participants to this city of canals, art and seagulls at the end of September.

Our first stop was at a building from the 15th century that used to serve as a city gate. In the Waag, we started the day with a proper brunch. After a short walk around the city and check-in at the hotel, our program headed to the famous Heineken brewery. Not only did we learn a lot of new information about the history and production of the world famous beer, but we had the opportunity to taste the beer right from the source. The Heineken bar blew us all away with its atmosphere and some of us even danced. If we hadn’t had our first dinner together, some of the participants might have stayed much longer… After the Heineken we had a delicious multi-course dinner in a nearby cosy restaurant. After dinner, we moved back to the centre of Amsterdam with the participants and let ourselves get caught up in the swirl of nightlife.

The next day, a busy program awaited us from the very morning. Part of the participants went with a guide to discover the highlights of Amsterdam and the other part went to see Amsterdam from a bird’s eye view, more specifically from the A’DAM Lookout building. After having lunch together and sharing their experiences with each other, the groups swapped. Before sunset, we walked together to the harbor where a boat was waiting for us with a delicious Dutch buffet, good wine and of course unlimited amounts of the famous Heineken beer. After cruising the canals and disembarking, our journey took us to Red Light District.

On the last day we left the schedule loose, but participants could choose any of the individual excursions. One of the trips that had the most participants signed up for was a bike ride. What a better way to experience Amsterdam than by riding bikes! Some participants went to explore Amsterdam from an artistic perspective, others went to explore more of the city and its hidden gems, some even went to Zaanse Schans (open air museum). Our final evening took place at the former Dutch Grand Prix circuit – Zandvoort beach. We visited a restaurant right on the beach, so we could watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying some BBQ specialties. We ended the evening in a dancing mood in the clubs in the centre of Amsterdam.

Since our flight wasn’t until the evening on our last day, we decided to say goodbye to Amsterdam with a beautiful view. After lunch, we went for a final drink on the roof of the famous Hotel W. Together we toasted to a successful event and slowly made our way to the airport.

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