Sardinia – European Caribbean

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Location: Sardinia
Number of persons: 70
Year: June 2022

The European Caribbean… This is what Sardinia in Italy can also be called.

The journey to Sardinia started very comfortably, as we managed to arrange a private plane. We took an Airbus A319 to the sun-drenched Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.

From there we moved to the Villasimius area where we spent the next six days. The area is located on the southeast coast, about 50 km from the capital in a lagoon called Notteri. The lagoon, which is enlivened by a nesting ground of pink flamingos, completes the incredible atmosphere of the hotel complex.

Our entire stay was designed to be relaxing with maximum sun, gourmet experiences and in a great friendly atmosphere. The opening gala dinner on the panoramic terrace of the hotel was immediately followed by 6 days of stay, when the participants could either just relax or take advantage of the optional excursions in southern Sardinia. Even so, there was an action-packed group who rented moto scooters from the very first day and didn’t hesitate to climb canyons and local mini mountains in the saddle of Italian scooters…

The program also included a group trip to the small family winery, where the very young co-owner Nicolleta with typical Italian energy was pouring samples of the best wines of recent years.  One of the smaller trips was to another local “organic” winery, where they do not use any fertilizers and rely only on rain to irrigate the grapes. This vineyard visit included a look at the production of sheep’s cheese from fresh milk. It was all rounded off with lunch, where several courses were on the menu, including a typical Sardinian dish – malloreddus alla campidanese – pasta with salsiccia and tomato sauce.

On the penultimate day, the larger group went on a city tour to the capital city of Cagliari, where they visited the historic centre with a Czech guide and finished the whole trip in a top restaurant that is awaiting and aspiring for a Michellin star. Which is almost a trend in Cagliari…

Of course, those who stayed at the hotel really didn’t get bored either, and over the course of 2 days they got a taste of a local attraction, a 3+ hour quad bike ride along the off-road coast of the Capo Carbonara reserve.

We ended the whole stay with a gala dinner in a restaurant located right on the beach and the breathtaking view of the sunset over the sea completed the incredible atmosphere of the last evening.

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