Sunny Andalusia

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Location: Andalusia
Number of persons: 12
Year: September 2022

In mid-September, a group of twelve people set off to sunny Andalusia to prolong the summer.

The whole event was divided into a sightseeing and a relaxing part. There were two destinations – stunning Seville and picturesque Marbella. The whole trip started in Seville, one of the hottest cities in Europe, where the Spanish guide and the Czech translator took us around the important sights, including the Royal Palace of Alcázar and the Seville Cathedral, which is the third largest cathedral in the world.

A visit to Spain also means a great gourmet experience, which is why we visited several tapas restaurants and bars. One day we went to the town of Carmona with a stop at an olive farm. There, participants learned the secrets of recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation for decades.

After four days of exploring the cities of Andalusia, we moved on to Marbella, on the coast of the Costa del Sol. Along the way we visited Ronda, home to the oldest bullring in Spain, and the unique village of Setenil de las Bodegas, built under a rock overhang. Following that, we had a relaxing days at the beach where the group caught the last rays of sun before flying back home. As the participants were active, on the last day they made one last monkey-watching trip to Gibraltar, the gateway to Europe.

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