Our services

Business travel

Unforgettable incentive trips without the hassle

Incentive trips or corporate travel activities within loyalty and motivational programs are realized for you according to your specific idea. Our specialists will take care of your wishes with the utmost care. Our mission is to provide first-class service. Every client is an exceptional opportunity for us to demonstrate our qualities and the approach and service we provide corresponds to this fact. One of them is the service of a personal Travel Consultant, who will promptly solve any situation or change in your itinerary for you.

Concierge G

Designers of private travel and Services

We are your personal and travel assistant 24/7/365, reflecting your needs, using our professional skills and having a wide portfolio of business class contacts. With over 25 years of service experience, the concierge team is ready to become synonymous with fulfilling your wishes. The word impossible is not in our vocabulary. We organise unforgettable experiences around the world with your requests in mind. We’ll get you to a sold-out concert or sports event or organise the trip of your dreams.


Comprehensive conference service

Whether you are in the Czech Republic or abroad, we can arrange business seminars, workshops, conferences, trade fairs, kick-off meetings, sales and retail events for you anywhere from A to Z. Of course, we offer a comprehensive high quality service, tailor-made solutions and exceptional accompanying programme. Preparation of complete visual branding, registration of participants via the registration tool, themed merchandise and evaluation of the entire event via online questionnaires are an integral part of the service.

Our unique projects

Podhlavický mlýn

5* boutique hotel

The main pillars of the project are history, first-class service and location. The intention of the whole project is the reconstruction and extension of the Podhlavický mlýn estate in order to build a LUXURY BOUTIQUE hotel in the spirit of the 1930s, situated in a beautiful and untouched location of Českodubsko area with more than 400 years of history. High standard of all services and facilities, 10× DBL rooms with 20 beds, Boutique SPA, conference & chillout rooms, top gastronomy.

Glamping CZ

Comfort, relax and digital detox in direct connection with nature

The term glamping is based on the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, which together form the phrase. Glamping is a modern trend that offers camping enthusiasts the luxury and comfort they are used to. Forget about uncomfortable tents that leak even after a small storm. Glamping offers you comfort, relax, digital detox in direct connection with the beauty of nature. And above all – now you can experience it for yourself in our beautiful Czech countryside. Come to our million stars hotel to try something new!

Let us design you the journey of your dreams